Viva Energy fined $15,000 by EPA for waste water in Duck River

Viva Energy fined $15,000 by EPA for waste water in Duck River.
Viva Energy has copped a $15,000 fine from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) after waste water from its Rosehill site flowed into Duck River last November.
The facility is used to receive, store and distribute fuel products.
As part of demolition works taking place on site, a soil binding liquid was sprayed onto exposed soil to prevent it moving in wind or rain.
This sprayed liquid dries into a crust and acts as a cover for exposed soil, which can mitigate the potential for erosion.
As subcontractors were cleaning out the pumping equipment used to apply the soil binder, the waste water flowed into local drains.
While Viva had come forward and reported the incident themselves, the EPA decided that a $15,000 fine was an appropriate response to an incident of this nature.
“The EPA is committed to working towards making the Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025, and to achieve this we need to stamp down on instances of water pollution and make sure facilities work towards 100 per cent compliance.” Hundreds of construction sites along the Parramatta River were inspected in a recent blitz on sediment and erosion control, with more than $165,000 worth of fines issued in one day and almost half of sites found to be non-compliant.
Regulatory action included verbal directions, formal warnings, prevention notices and financial penalties, totalling more than $165,000 in fines.
In February, Cumberland and Parramatta councils announced plans to work together on revitalising Duck River.

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