Volunteers to turn Houston floodwater into drinking water

Volunteers to turn Houston floodwater into drinking water.
A trio of volunteers plan to depart Titusville’s Space Coast Regional Airport Friday to deliver water purifiers to those in the flood-ravaged city of Houston.
Joe Hurston, who leads Merritt Island’s Air Mobile Ministries, and two others will fly 10 water purifiers to Texas so those affected by Hurricane Harvey can filter floodwater into water that’s safe for drinking and bathing.
The devices require only 54 watts of electricity to run, which is about as much energy needed to power a light bulb.
"The machine is my passion.
The machine is as close to a miracle as you can get," he said.
The storm and flooding have claimed 30 lives so far.
Hurston hopes that the purifiers will prevent the death toll from rising any further.
"This is (when) diseases kick in…
This is the most critical time of the recovery."

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