Voters in agreeable mood at Town Meeting, OK all articles

Voters in agreeable mood at Town Meeting, OK all articles.
All articles were passed by a unanimous vote.
Thanks to the funds, Westfield Recreation Complex will see five new bleachers for softball fans to comfortably watch games and practices, Philip E. Lukey Park will receive a full rehabilitation including new playground equipment, and Spillane Field will see a new concession stand, ticket booth, and sound system.
A unanimous vote allowed the meeting to quickly proceed with six articles that are voted on every year including the approval of this fiscal year’s revolving funds and the return of unused funds from completed CPA projects.
An increase of 2.4 percent above last year’s contribution to the Upper Cape Cod Regional Vocational Technical School budget faced questioning from residents who were concerned that Wareham should be focusing more on the public schools within the town.
It drew some nays from voters, but was still passed with a majority vote.
The Finance Committee explained in the report that towns that have implemented this bylaw, including Sandwich and Duxbury, have actually seen improved attendance at Town Meetings and found that meetings are more productive since they don’t have to wait for a certain number of people to be present to start.
A revision to the Unaccepted Way Bylaw was finally approved, allowing Wareham a more streamlined approach for dealing with private streets that are open for public use.
Wareham’s Community and Economic Development Authority was approved to be reorganized and potentially replaced by a more traditional Redevelopment Authority after being deemed unproductive.
This plan will be presented at a future Town Meeting for approval.

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