Waiheke Island local board steps up over water crisis

Waiheke Island is in crisis as the summer dryness continues, with the list of people needing water deliveries growing daily.
But the dry weather has seen tank reserves running low, with some people running out of water altogether.
* Water crisis means Waiheke Island needs to save every drop * Flood relief in the pipeline on Waiheke Island * Waiheke water companies work flat out as tanks run dry The island’s water companies – Waiheke Aqua, Wai Water and Island Water – draw supplies from aquifers but the amount they can take each day is capped.
Waiheke Local Board has launched a campaign to educate visitors about saving water by taking short showers, with a bucket in the shower tray to catch water that can be used in toilets instead of flushing.
Countdown supermarket in Ostend has been stocking up with bottles of water for people to drink but there are also new drinking fountains at parks on the island.
The answer is – plenty," board member John Meeuwsen said.
"We have repeatedly sought assurances that the supply from the aquifer is comfortably adequate to meet all contingencies – and been assured it is.
"We are reprinting the Waiheke Water Wisdom pamphlet for wide distribution, including to property managers.
"And we have met with the water supply companies to discuss giving them more flexibility on their daily quotas and other ways Auckland Council may be able to help."
"A stray firework could start a fire that would spread very quickly in this dry weather."

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