Waste water had 180 times zinc safe level

Waste water had 180 times zinc safe level.
THREE people are in custody after industrial waste water containing 180 times the maximum safe level of zinc was discharged into a river in east China’s Zhejiang Province.
The three, who were detained on Wednesday, will be charged with polluting the environment, according to an environmental official in Linhai.
A plant making tools for auto repairs was found to be dumping unprocessed waste water into a waterway 50 meters away during an inspection in the city.
Inspectors said the waste water was a byproduct of metal polishing and surface treatment.
Excessive levels of zinc, bronze and nickel were detected in the water, and the zinc level was more than 180 times over the maximum allowed amount, said the official.
Police arrested the factory owner and two managers.
In common with many other parts of the country, Linhai this year initiated a “river chiefs” system, with leading officials being the people responsible in addressing water pollution in their areas.
Anyone convicted of polluting the environment faces being sent to prison for up to seven years.

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