Water & air & noise pollution 2

Air Pollution 4.
CLASSIFICATION OF AIR POLLUTANTS Based on Origin Primary air pollutants Secondary air pollutants Based on states of matter Gaseous air pollutants Particulate air pollutants Based on presence in environment Indoor air pollutants Outdoor air pollutants 7.
• Outdoor air pollutants: The air pollutants which are generated outside the buildings are called outdoor air pollutants.
For example: Automobile pollutants, Industrial pollutants, Mining pollutants, etc.
Causes by air pollution 18.
 Effluent from various industries, Sewage containing domestic waster and pesticides from agricultural lands are finding their way into water bodies leading to water pollution.
 Some industrial effluents can cause changes in color, odor and taste of water in the natural water bodies.
The nature of sound • Sound, a manifestation of vibration, travels in wave patterns through solids, liquids and gases.
SOLUTIONS FOR NOISE POLLUTION • Planting bushes and trees in and around sound generating sources is an effective solution for noise pollution.

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