Water Boil Advisory to Continue Through Wednesday

by Jonathan Munson, originally posted on May 30, 2016


It was announced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting that the water boil advisory should be lifted Wednesday as soon as samples are taken from throughout the city. Officials said the stronger chlorine had penetrated all parts of the city.

Once officials detected the stronger chlorine in all parts of the city, crews were sent out to take samples to verify the conversion to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. There are 98 sampling stations where water is carefully collected. 18 hours after the last sample is taken, the City will then be able to lift the notice.

City officials said they knew about the lower chlorine levels a couple of weeks ago but did follow procedure. Assistant City Manager Mark Van Vleck said the first thing they will change is that process.

Van Vleck said elevated water tanks that will help maintain pressure will be constructed and contracts have already been awarded. He also said eliminating dead-end water lines has already begun.

The City has already performed what is called “looping” to 400 of the 900 dead-end water lines throughout the city.

The City is expected to lift the water boil advisory sometime Wednesday.

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