Water contamination causes 100 to suffer gastrointestinal symptoms in Finland

More than 100 people have suffered gastrointestinal symptoms as E. coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria was found in drinking water in central Finland, Finnish new agency STT reported on Thursday.

-By Famagusta Gazette Cyprus, originally posted on October 21, 2016


Last weekend, E. coli bacteria was found in drinking water in Aanekoski, a small city in central Finland, due to pipe fracture.

Residents in Aanekoski and surrounding areas were advised to boil the water that they need for preparing food. About 800 households were involved.

Sinikka Rissanen, health inspector from the Environmental Health Service of Aanekoski, estimated on Thursday that at least 100 residents have suffered gastrointestinal symptoms caused by the polluted tap water so far.

According to Rissanen, the cleaning work of the water supply system will last longer than expected. The water chlorination will continue until next Wednesday, she added.

The city of Aanekoski started on Thursday to supply clean water to local residents, reported STT.

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