Water Contamination Concerns Being Tested At BurlCo Military Base

Water Contamination Concerns Being Tested At BurlCo Military Base.
(WRIGHTSTOWN, NJ) — There’s a concern over chemical contamination of water supplies in and around Joint McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst.
Military officials say they’re on top of the situation.
The concerns mirror those that have surfaced at several military facilities across the country, including former installations in the Philadelphia suburbs, where foam used to battle fires over the years contained two cancer causing chemicals.
“We have seen elevated levels of PFOA and PFOS on surface water samples, soil samples and groundwater samples” Colonel Gregory McClure told KYW Newsradio, “but we haven’t seen that move into drinking water sources on the base.” They want to sample some 275 shallow private wells off the base that could have a problem.
So far, only 3 have shown traces above safe standards, and homeowners are getting filters and bottled water.
But less than half of those asked have agreed to those tests, and there are many homes and businesses particularly in Manchester and Jackson Townships that need to be checked.
Still most people get their water from municipal sources, and not wells.
They are in the clear.
More information on the Air Force’s response to the situation at the base can be found on line at http://www.jointbasemdl.af.mil/PFCs .

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