Water contamination concerns residents

Water contamination concerns residents.
That’s because it was determined to contain higher than allowed amounts of the chemical carbon tetrachloride, which has been found to cause cancer in animals.
Another area resident, David Hohlfeld, has had well water for 26 years but he doesn’t drink it and he heard years ago that it wasn’t safe.
Bottled water offered The state has offered to test his well water, and he’s going to take them up on that.
Another resident in that area who didn’t want his name used said he has been drinking that water and is concerned about possible effects.
What those effects could be depends on a lot of factors, including the person’s health condition and if they have medical issues.
But he did warn against consuming it and the state has passed out bottled water to the 29 affected households to provide residents a safe source.
There were numerous questions along with close examination of maps set up to explain the contaminated zone.
KDHE itself has a lot of questions.
Jurgens said they moved as fast as they could to issue the warning and set up the forum.

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