Water contamination in Clevedon

Thousands of people living in Clevedon will have to boil their water until at least Monday after the supply was found to be contaminated.
Read the full story › Bristol Water has completed a door drop and all properties affected have now received a boil notice card.
Bristol Water says, “From 5pm on Thursday we had over 50 employee volunteers door dropping notices to 7000 properties affected.
Bristol Water is now continuing to work with Public Health England and the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) in order to remove the boil notice as soon as possible.
Samples are taken and tested from the water source over the weekend.
Only once these are confirmed as negative and Bristol Water complete flushing the network will we be able to lift the boil notice.
Bristol Water is aiming to be in a position to confirm the boil notice removal on Monday morning, before customers start their morning routines.
In the meantime customers are urged to continue to boil water and follow usage guidance over the weekend.
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