Water contamination in West Michigan prompts questions, concerns

Soon, she started hearing about this spot in the woods – where the company was rumored to have dumped tannery waste for years.
The group took its concerns to the Department of Environmental Quality in 2013, but nothing really happened for a few years because the group didn’t provide enough evidence that there was cause for concern in the area.
One of those places was at House Street,” O’Donnell says.
In March, Wolverine voluntarily began testing homes with private wells near House Street after the DEQ presented them the results from the groundwater tests.
Tobyn McNaughton lives in one of those homes.
She and her family live in Belmont, about a mile south on US-131 from the House Street site.
McNaughton remembers the moment someone from the Kent County Health Department called to explain her test results.
When they say this is how much PFAS is in his blood, I don’t know who is going to tell me, oh this is what that means for him,” she says.
The McNaughtons are expecting Jack’s blood test results to be back a few days before Christmas.
Officials have also not yet determined how many dump sites Wolverine used.

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