Water Contamination Not Only Affects Michigan

Water Contamination Not Only Affects Michigan.
Houston, we have a problem.
Flint, Michigan is not the only area in the United States that has contaminated water supply.
According to Jan Murphy, writer for PENN LIVE, Pennsylvania received a failing letter grade in taking action to prevent pipeline lead from reaching faucets in schools.
Contamination in drinking water is expanding in schools all over the state and this in turn, affects the health of children.
Their lack in effort of tackling this situation can potentially result in death among students.
Lead consumption has the same health effects in Pennsylvania as it does in Flint, Michigan.
Pennsylvania’s government will have to do some serious prioritizing because we’re talking about someone’s life being on the line.
If children continue to consume this poisonous substance, their developmental skills will fall backwards, defeating the initial purpose of school.
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