Water Crisis: City Of Cape Town Answers Your Questions

When will a detailed policy and operational plan be published on the Day Zero water collection points?
In order to ensure effective implementation the Disaster Risk Management Team is labouring over questions such as: What range and size of containers will people choose to use; how will they carry these containers to and from the standpipe; what time of day will they come to the collection point; what transport will they opt to use to and from the collection point; how will families and neighbours organise themselves to collect water in a way that makes sense; who within the household or business will be designated to collect water and for how many people will they collect.
For the water to reach different areas, pressure must be managed.
But if people in a lower-lying area do not stick to this allocation, people in higher-lying areas are affected.
Water collection points, which will be one of the means of distributing water, have been located near reticulation points.
What plans does the City have for less able and vulnerable people to get water from Day Zero?
JP Smith: We are very aware that special provisions need to be made to ensure that all people are able to access water, particularly those who are physically unable to collect it from a water collection point.
Will the City provide public transport services to help people get to and from water points and will these be free?
JP Smith: Able-bodied residents will need to find their own way of getting to and from the collection points.
Are there plans for providing water to essential services if the water levels drop to a point where water can’t be provided?

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