Water is…a childhood

When a child has access to clean drinking water close to home, they have a chance to go to school, to learn, to play with their friends and to have a childhood.
Many children spend hours every day walking to collect water, sometimes missing out on a chance to go to school.
This journey can be dangerous.
The jerry cans of water the children carry can be heavy, normally around 20 kilos.
This is what sisters Eva and Catherine told me when I met them last month in South Sudan.
Like many other families, they now live in an area that does not have enough clean water for everyone.
The walk back home is tough, especially for older sister Eva who lost the lower part of her arm when she was a child.
They struggle with the weight of the jerry cans and the heat of the sun.
When I asked older sister Eva what she would do if she didn’t have to spend so long collecting water every day, she said she would go to school.
This year, UNICEF is working to bring clean water to around 800,000 people across South Sudan.

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