Water main break prompts boil notice for Greenville

GREENVILLE – A water main break and an “overburdened’’ treatment plant were blamed for Greenville Water Authority issuing a boil water notice that will remain in effect until at least Tuesday.
“We always err on the side of caution,’’ said Carol Paul, the utility’s manager, in a Sunday evening phone interview.
As a result, a painstaking hunt for the ruptured pipe was conducted by utility employees using listening devices on fire hydrants, Paul said.
Evidently, it was near the river, and the water was going into the river,’’ she said of the ruptured pipe.
As a result, she said it overburdened the treatment plant.
Water testing is now ongoing at the plant, and the authority is required to show DEP the water is problem-free for two consecutive days.
“It takes 24 hours to get the results of each test, so the earliest we can pull the boil notice is Tuesday,’’ Paul said.
“We got a large bottled water supply in, and we’ll be getting another shipment tomorrow,’’ Lombardo said on Sunday.
“We also got prepackaged ice for consuming.’’ State health officials said the water was safe for washing hands, she said.
“We’re boiling everything,’’ said Christy Brooks, co-owner of the restaurant.

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