Water main breaks near Picacho and Third

originally posted on June 15, 2016


LAS CRUCES – It took about eight hours Wednesday for the city of Las Cruces Water Resources Department to repair a water main break that occurred near Picacho Avenue and Third Street.

The break was to a 12-inch water line, that left some Las Cruces residents and businesses without water, and other homes and businesses with experienced discolored water. Other homes and businesses experienced low water pressure.

“Wow, it had an interesting piping,” said Adrienne Widmer, water resources administrator for the city of Las Cruces. “It was on the north side of Picacho (Avenue) where most of homes and businesses were without water.

“We also got quite a few calls about discolored water. It was pretty widespread, up to portions of the Mesquite Street area. That’s not unusual with a pretty large main break.”

Crews were still trying to determine what could have caused the water main break Wednesday afternoon. But a combination of age, typical use of the water line, and wear and tear may have contributed to break.

“It just happens now and again,” Widmer said. “It just came apart.”

Widmer added it could several days before city officials could determine how many residents were affected by the water main break.

City officials emphasized the water remains safe to drink. However, residents affected by the break are encouraged to hold off washing laundry until the water becomes clear. The discoloration should disappear within 24 hours. If it does not, residents should flush all faucets in the home or business for five minutes.

If the discoloration remains, call the city of Las Cruces, 575-526-0500, for assistance.

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