Water pollution is a serious problem for all the people & living species on earth.
Water is get polluted when the different harmful heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium etc.
& chemicals from industrial or sewage wastes which are put directly in the rivers or oceans dissolves the gases like methane, carbon dioxide etc.
in water which would decrease the BOD i.e. biological oxygen demand of different micro-organisms & aquatic fauna leading to their death due to less availability of oxygen for them for survival.
The different examples of water pollution are; dumping of sewage & industrial wastes in the fresh water of rivers or lakes or in oceans, washing of clothes in rivers & canals, contamination or water bodies by addition of nuclear or radioactive wastes etc.
The different types of water pollution are: Ground water pollution Underground water pollution Surface water pollution Microbial water pollution Chemical water pollution Nutrient water pollution The different causes of water pollution are: Dumping of industrial & sewage wastes into water bodies without treatment.
The direct dumping of untreated sewage wastes from the cities into the rivers or oceans will lead towards the pollution of these natural resources of water & depletes the aquatic ecosystems of these places.
Dumping of animal wastes in the water resources is also a main cause of water pollution.
This problem is created by the different processes such as oil splitting from ships or pipelines, adding of sewage & industrial wastes directly to the water units, acid rain, addition of cattle dung or wastes to the water resources of earth, deforestation or burning of forests, acidification of oceans etc.
Acidification of oceans & rivers: The addition of pollutant like carbon dioxide into water more than permissible limits would responsible for the acidification of ocean water which will result in depletion of oceanic ecosystems due to less availability of oxygen for survival to inhabitants of that aquatic ecosystem.

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