Water pollution: Tonnes of fish die in Pedda Cheruvu

The fishermen folk were also suffering skin diseases due to chemical contaminated water, Fishermen Cooperative Society president Pappu Ramesh said.
Open Yadadri-Bhongir: Over 10 tonnes of fish died in Pedda Cheruvu of Indrapalangaram village of Ramannapet mandal in the district due to chemical contaminated water from Musi River that reached the village tank on Sunday.
Pedda Chervu is one of the tanks in the district which is being filled with water from Musi river.
The Musi water which was contaminated with chemicals turned fatal to the fish that were being grown in Pedda Chervu.
This would affect the livelihood of 500 fishermen families in the area.
On Sunday, a huge number of dead fish started floating on the waters of Pedda Chervu.
Speaking to ‘Telangana Today’, Fishermen Cooperative Society president Pappu Ramesh deplored that they had alerted the officials of the Irrigation Department not to release the water to village tanks during the rains as the problem arise during the monsoon season.
But there was no response from the officials to their request.
He said that the nets set up by fishermen in Pedda Cheruvu for fishing was also damaged due to chemicals.
“About 6-7 lakh of fish seeds were released in Pedda Cheruvu as a part of a special drive taken up by the State government, but did not grow up properly due to the contaminated water”, he said.

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