Water Rationing, Did We See It Coming?

Evidently, in the year 2012, the percentage annual GDP growth rate was 9.293 % and reduced to 7.313%, 3.99%, 3.92% and 3.6% in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively when electricity rationing (Popularly termed as Dumsor) was prevalent.
But the remaining years aside 2016 were periods the country experienced power rationing which crippled the nation economically.
The communications director at the Ghana Water Company has thus blamed the recent shortage of water in the country on bad farming practices, illegal felling of trees and galamsey activities, the water company spokesperson said if the rains do not come soon enough, the entire country would have to compromise on the little available by way of rationing.
Secondly, in my article titled “ Galamsey: Its effect on water as a basic necessity”, I highlighted on few importance of water to help my readers understand why water though has a small monetary value performs functions which are very useful and irreplaceable.
Some of the important role played by water in our society, home and businesses include: For washing For cleaning For drinking or used in the preparation of food Used by our industries to aid production (as a factor of production) To aid medication at the hospitals etc If the Ghana Water Company decides to intensively start water rationing as it has for the past weeks, it is going to pose a greater challenge to some communities and residents living at places marked as residential areas.
In such places, it will be difficult to get water to go by daily activities from elsewhere.
Some communities and areas can resort to wells etc but those living at east legon and its environs would have to go through this unfortunate ordeal for the speculated period of the exercise.
The Ghana Water Company has also speculated the possibility of the country importing water to support the existing shortage in water supply if activities/situations remain unchanged.
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