Water restrictions put pressure on Pahiatua, Woodville

Water restrictions put pressure on Pahiatua, Woodville 18 Dec, 2017 1:55pm 2 minutes to read While the rivers remain low, Pahiatua residents are asked to continue to conserve water and avoid overloading the town bore supply.
With only 1.5 days treated storage in reserve, the council needs the co-operation of residents to keep water usage low.
"Although we can take some river water, we are having to do extra laboratory testing as part of our water safety protocols.
Reminders on the total hosing ban are being delivered to those who are noticed not complying.
Mr King advised properties with repeat breaches risk having a water restrictor placed on their point of supply.
The council advises the new ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit is now operational.
Ministry of Health requires protozoa compliance – UV kills the protozoa.
Post Havelock North’s water contamination, there is a requirement to have 24-hour monitoring of the water.
Mayor Tracey Collis said Eketahuna is very dry and the Mangatainoka River is "the lowest I can recall seeing it.
But it’s still very clear and has the ability to come back to normal flows quite quickly," she said.

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