Water safe to drink, bore still contaminated

DRINKING water in Svensson Heights is safe to drink, new testing shows.
The results, which came back today, showed reticulated water – tap water – was clear of the chemical.
The council’s infrastructure general manager Stuart Randle said PFAS was not detected in any of the reticulated samples, including ones taken at Norville State School and Learn and Play Kindergarten.
"We were very confident that the actions we had taken would remove PFAS from the system," he said.
"And the results that came through today have confirmed that the action taken was appropriate."
He said the test results showed that switching to a new water supply and flushing the suburb’s mains had worked to remove the PFAS to undetectable levels.
However, from the bore at the centre of the contamination scare still contains PFAS at levels above the national guidelines – but slightly lower than the previous test.
Mr Randle said the new test found that the water at the Dr Mays Road bore still contained PFAS levels above the national drinking water guideline value but it was slightly lower than the previous test.
The council intends to monitor the water fortnightly to ensure PFAS levels remained below the national guideline value.
Water to the affected area is now being supplied from the Heaps St underground aquifer, where no PFAS has been detected.

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