Water supply projects in Kasaragod still on paper as taps go dry

Nileswaram: As summer intensifies, water scarcity is becoming more acute by the day, but two major water supply projects planned for Kasaragod district are still on paper.
Both projects would draw water from the Karyamcode river.
While one project would benefit Nileswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and Kinalur-Karinthalam panchayat, the other would solve the drinking water issues of Kayyur-Cheemeni, Cheruvathur, Pilicode, Valiyaparamba, Padanna and Thrikaripur panchayats.
The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has already prepared the project report for the latter.
It was also made part of the budget proposals following the intervention of M Rajagopalan MLA.
However, no follow-up has taken place owing to the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities.
Measures to prepare the project report for supplying adequate drinking water to Nileswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and Kinalur-Karinthalam panchayat, where the water shortage is more severe, are yet to be taken up.
In addition to these projects, if the Palayi shutter-cum-bridge is built, almost the entire district would be spared of water shortage.
At present, some areas in Neeleswaram and Kanjangad municipalities and the coastal panchayats depend solely on saline water.
People in these areas have been demanding safe drinking water supply for years.

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