We all have socio-ethical towards Environment Conservation: Dr Singh

We all have socio-ethical towards Environment Conservation: Dr Singh.
Staff Reporter,
Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has stressed the need for conservation of environment in order to protect the Earth.
He has urged all people to actively participate in this direction.
Dr Singh said – Conservation of environment is the social as well as moral responsibility of one and all.
He extended his best wishes from Japan today for the successful organizing of World Environment Day to be celebrated on June 5.
In his message he stated that biodiversity has been linked to the environment of the Earth with pure air, clean water, fertile soil and intense greenery.
The contribution of industries in the economic development of human society is very important, but due to the rapid industrial development in the modern era, one big challenge to safeguard the environment of the world has come before us in the form of global warming.
We have to strike a balance between industrial development and the environment.
The Chief Minister has appealed to people to keep trees, ponds, wells and natural water sources clean, to ensure massive tree plantation, to protect plantation and to avoid water pollution.

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