We need Kim Martin on the LPEA board

We need Kim Martin on the LPEA board.
Please exercise your power to determine our energy future, protect our planet and foster the development of healthy, job-producing industries.
Folks who care about the environment and the economy want Kim elected to the LPEA board.
Kim has very strong support from the community because she wants to change direction away from LPEA’s dangerous policy.
Mr. Montoya has expertise in a past when fossil fuel technology made sense.
This causes air and water pollution, increased respiratory problems for young and old and severe, economy-damaging weather impacts like drought.
Renewable energy prices are plummeting and will dominate the energy market within five years.
A hard worker with many years of public service, Kim navigates complex policy issues well.
Since 1978 she has continually been leading and serving, including assuming board leadership roles for Durango School District 9-R, Rivergate Planned Development Association, the League of Women Voters, Fort Lewis College Foundation, Tri-County Headstart, American Women’s Network and eight other boards.
Karen Pontius Durango

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