We’ve Got Issues: Landfill puts water at risk, say fed up residents

For decades, residents living near the Wexford County Landfill have been dealing with contaminated drinking water.
So McNamara went to the Wexford County Department of Public Works.
The landfill was built by Wexford County decades ago and is now owned by American Waste.
He works for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the state agency that will decide if American Waste can build the well.
He says in Wexford County the proposed well would be more than 3,000 feet deep.
He says Michigan has a long history of safe injection wells, with no cases where drinking water has been contaminated.
We can’t guarantee that," says Fitch from the DEQ.
McNamara’s not the only one who feels that way.
Residents fight over contamination for years More than five years ago the county paid to settle a lawsuit over the contaminated water with McNamara and more than 70 other residents.
Neither the DEQ nor EPA have made a decision yet, and they’ll hold a public hearing before they do.

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