Welcome to thirsty Gwadar

Another fisherman, Ilahi Bakhsh who lives in Doria village close to the sea in Gwadar, complained that he also faces great difficulties in getting safe drinking water.
Though it is estimated that billions of rupees would be invested in Gwadar as part of CPEC, at the moment, the city faces immense issues with water scarcity being the biggest one.
However, in order to meet the water requirements, water is coming through tankers from Turbat’s Mirani Dam, which costs around Rs15,000-18,000.” Sattar also said, “The government provides water via tankers once a week.
Gwadar has three dams.
This desalinated water will later be provided all across Gwadar through tankers.
What does science have to say on drought in Gwadar?
The study classifies droughts into four different categories: meteorological, agricultural, hydrological and socio-economic.
Tahir Rasheed, a senior environmentalist, said the issues of Gwadar are no different from other cities of Balochistan.
This desalinated plant has been functional for the past eight months, but since there is no agreement between the Balochistan government and the Chinese who own the desalination plant, a golden opportunity has been missed.
Bringing water from Mirani Dam to Gwadar for only one year cost two billion rupees.

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