Well water still contaminated 7 months after Smiths Falls fire

Well water still contaminated 7 months after Smiths Falls fire.
It’s been seven months since a fire outside Smiths Falls, Ont., left several homes with contaminated wells, and it could still be months before residents are allowed to use their water again.
"We thought they’d be hooking wells back up by now."
Toxic runoff from the charred debris, along with firefighting foam, got into the groundwater and residents reported foam and a chemical smell coming from their taps almost immediately after the fire.
Tina and David Stevens initially purchased a house on Highway 43 as an income property.
The wells and groundwater monitoring networks were tested last month.
The results are being reviewed before they are released to homeowners, according to the ministry.
‘Still some trace levels’ "The preliminary review is that we’re seeing continued trends downward of the contaminants of concern, but we’re taking a close look," said Steve Burns, a district manager for the ministry.
But residents said they are still out of pocket for some expenses and they’re concerned about the value of their properties.
"Can you get a mortgage on a property that doesn’t have potable water?

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