Wellington water main break repaired, boil-water order still in effect

A water main that burst Monday afternoon near the Mall at Wellington Green has been repaired, but two neighborhoods remain under a boil-water order.
Two westbound lanes of Forest Hill Boulevard were closed through Tuesday morning as Wellington Public Works crews worked through the night to repair the pipe and then repave the road, said Village Manager Paul Schofield.
Two neighborhoods were affected and remain under a boil-water order: Wellington’s Edge and Polo Lakes.
Ice produced in ice machines after the issuance of a boil water notice must be discarded and machines not restarted until the water supply is deemed safe by local health authority.
Sanitize the interior of the ice machine, ice trays and built-in ice-makers with two teaspoons (100+ ppm) of household bleach in one gallon of water prior to restarting the ice machine or ice-maker.
Use only bottled water from an approved source and/or boiled (and safely cooled) tap water.
This may be accomplished by using a commercial hand sanitizing lotion that requires no rinse or a chlorine bleach solution of two teaspoons of household bleach in one gallon of water.
Food equipment and utensils and food-contact surfaces that must be cleaned in place (does not fit into a three-compartment sink), may be cleaned with steam with no additives, a sanitizing mix of bottled or boiled water and bleach (50-100 ppm) or other approved sanitizing solution.
Do not use tap water for food processing or food preparation until the BOIL WATER NOTICE is lifted by local authorities.
Manually wash, rinse and sanitize dishes, food equipment and utensils with bottled water from an approved source and/or boiled tap water utilizing a three-compartment sink in the approved manner.

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