Western Mass News Investigates: Westfield contaminated water

Western Mass News Investigates: Westfield contaminated water.
Westfield residents are concerned over drinking water after discovering they’d been drinking contaminated water for decades.
A report written in 2007 about elevated numbers of bladder cancer is making the rounds, and now residents are demanding city-wide blood testing.
Westfield residents are demanding answers.
Last May, the city of Westfield took two of its wells offline as they exceeded the US Environmental Protection Agency’s new health advisory levels for two chemicals — PFOA and PFOS.
These are manmade chemicals found in a large number of consumer products that work their way into the environment.
"I’ve lived in the part of town where the water has come from these wells – 7 & 8, and not only lived there, but raised three children, making formula, making everybody drink water," said Gail Bean.
City officials are doing what they can to get to the bottom of the city’s water contamination.
For now, people in Westfield are left to watch the water dripping out of their faucets and wonder what’s in it.
We did reach out to both the city’s public works department, and they told Western Mass News that those wells– 7 and 8, are offline and will stay that way.

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