What is a drought, will Cape Town run out of water and has there ever been one in Britain?

OFFICIALS in South Africa have warned that water levels in Cape Town are dangerously low – and could run dry in a as little as 90 days.
What is a drought?
A drought is a period of weather when there is less than a third of a country’s usual rainfall.
Here in Britain, a drought becomes official after just 15 days of minimal wet weather (less than 0.2mm of rain).
Could Britain be heading for a hosepipe ban?
For example, prohibiting the use of hosepipes to water household gardens”.
The Environment Agency, which would issue the permit, also warns of a summer drought in the South East and urged people to conserve water.
During a ban, you can’t use a hosepipe to: Water your garden Clean your car, taxi or private boat Water plants Fill a paddling pool or domestic swimming pool Clean your home’s walls, windows, patios, paths or garden furniture Fill a domestic pond (unless it has fish) Domestic recreational use (i.e. water fights or using a hose to cool down) Fill a fountain in your garden When was the last UK hosepipe ban?
The last UK drought was in 2012, forcing several water companies to impose hosepipe bans in April of the same year.
Watering your garden with a can and washing your car with a bucket of water are also allowed during bans.

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