What is environmental pollution?

What is environmental pollution?.
A sufficient cause is one from which the corresponding effect can be inferred.
Possibility is the property of not being contradicted by any inference.
Public Interest Litigation : Definition – The Legal Blog The human in the Chinese Room does not understand Chinese, but the human running the algorithm implements a system that does indeed understand Chinese.
Others fear that decreased reproduction among humans with high incomes or IQs will mean that humanity will be overrun by the poor or the stupid.
These fearful humans fail to understand that environment and culture are more important than genes, and that human evolution long ago changed from biological to cultural and will soon change to biotechnological.
This happens at places of heavy land pollution.
A rigorous interrogator can pose lines of questioning that can only be answered by use of the perceptive inductions that are the essence of intelligence.
Most of the energy used by products on standby does not result any useful function.
A small amount can be needed for maintaining memory or an internal clock, remote-control activation, or other features but most standby power is wasted energy.

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