What’s in your water? Database looks at chemicals in Mississippi’s tap water

Database looks at chemicals in Mississippi’s tap water.
A new database is available for you to look at chemicals in water samples from thousands of utility companies from across the country, including over 50 in Mississippi.
In Mississippi, the EWG analyzed samples from over 50 utility companies from 2010 to 2015.
“It’s time to stop basing environmental regulations on political or economic compromises, and instead listen to what scientists say about the long-term effects of toxic chemicals and empower Americans to protect themselves from pollutants even as they demand the protective action they deserve from government.” Water samples from six utility companies in the Pine Belt are included in the database: City of Hattiesburg, City of Laurel, North Lamar Water Association, West Lamar Water Association and Hiwanee Water Association #1 and #2 in Waynesboro.
Zero Contaminants were detected in the samples from the West Lamar Association.
Waterworks Operator Joey Wilson said each water system in the state works on a different classification system when adjusting to pollution sources like industries or treatment byproducts.
Wilson said West Lamar Water Association does a monthly test bacteriological test, required by the state health department and EPA.
According to the EWG, the water utility was also in violation of health-based drinking water standards from January to March of 2017.
Across the county, EWG detected these contaminants in the nation’s tap water: 93 linked to an increased risk of cancer.
Residents can type their zip code or local utility’s name into the EWG Tap Water Database, residents will find all contaminants detected in tests by the utilities themselves and reported to federal or state authorities.

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