What Would Happen in a World Without Water?

What Would Happen in a World Without Water?.
The same can be said of all animals and plants, as well, since H2O constitutes one of the building blocks necessary for life to thrive.
Changing faces For starters, it wouldn’t be quite so green for very long.
Clouds would cease to formulate and precipitation would stop as a necessary consequence, meaning that the weather would be dictated almost entirely by wind patterns.
Indeed, other than fluctuations in wind force, our climate would resemble one endless summer – but not the shorts-and-t-shirt, holiday kind; the flesh-meltingly hot kind.
With these “sinks” gone, the greenhouse gases would have a field day and temperatures would spiral out of control.
Liquid inside the Earth’s crust at high temperatures and high pressures becomes magma, resulting in eruptions like the one at Vesuvius which did for poor old Pompeii.
Therefore, with no ocean to weigh plates down and no water to power eruptions, we’d be left with a series of incredibly high mountain ridges any time two tectonic plates collided.
Let there be life Remarkably, however, this wouldn’t mean the end of all life on Earth.
Instead, extremophiles harvest their nutrients from carbon monoxide (CO), meaning they can thrive even in sizzlingly hot or acidic environments, without water or sunlight.

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