‘Where the Water Goes’: New Book Tackles Colorado River Challenges

‘Where the Water Goes’: New Book Tackles Colorado River Challenges.
A new book from veteran writer David Owen explores the complexities of water issues in the Colorado River basin, including obligations to Mexico, energy production, agriculture and other economic and social drivers.
Water Deeply recently spoke to Owen about “Where the Water Goes.” Unlike many people writing about the Colorado River, Owen said he didn’t actually travel in the river, but wanted to see the far-reaching effect of the river as its influence extends well beyond its banks.
I think in some ways the most appealing feature about the river in terms of writing about it is we use it all up.
But alfalfa plays an important role in desert agriculture because the growing season is so long you can grow more than one crop.
And to show why it isn’t easy to address the enormous list of environmental challenges that we’re dealing with.
Owen: There are lots of them everywhere.
In Southern Nevada, people have worked together very effectively to join resources to address water problems.
One of the interesting things about water, and one of the reasons I think water can be a template for other environmental issues, is that the need for water is so immediate.
Most people think “I’m going to travel the Colorado River.” They’re doing it in the river and there’s a lot you miss if you’re not outside the river.

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