Who will save Narpuh from imminent destruction?

Hence it is called the dark forest.
Eleka Narpuh also boasts of a network of exotic caves.
The other feature of Narpuh is also because of the eleka or the traditional re gional alliance of the villages in the area which is also given the same name and called eleka Narpuh.
The chieftain who heads the eleka is also call the Daloi of Narpuh.
A well informed source confirmed that CMCL or Start Cement has in its possession more than one thousand hectares of land in the area, Topcem owns more than five hundred hectarse of land so one can very well imagine what percentage of land in the eleka is still owned by the indigenous people when we still have six more cement plants operating in the area.
The cement plants claim that they bring development to the area but the question is what development and at what cost?
The government and the cement companies have put the health of the people in danger by not installing machinery to measure air and water pollution in the area.
But the other vital question is how many youths are now employed in the eight plants?
The other question is the cement companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Protecting Narpuh is for the local people’s own interests and for the welfare of the future generation of the area.

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