Why dwindling water sources risk sparking war

The next inter-tribal war in Kenya will not be about political power.
What Kenyans will fight over next will be natural resources starting with water.
When you escalate these isolated conflicts and add the anxiety over possibility of a drought laden future, you have a full scale ‘water war.’ And while global warming has contributed to our current situation, it is also a fact that Kenya’s rivers are no longer flowing and lakes are drying up due to human activities on the country’s water towers.
In the end one side of government including the President, grew cold feet and didn’t attend symbolic tree planting in the forest.
Like in 2009, the current nationwide scarcity of water provides Kenya with a chance to do the right thing for future generations.
Can you imagine what the situation would be 20 years from now if environmental degradation is declared a national disaster?
If all Kenyans are made to plant a tree each as a government policy and environmental conservation is made a mandatory subject in schools?
However, you need water to grow food and you need trees to get that water.
China this week assigned 60,000 soldiers to plant trees to combat pollution through increasing the forest cover.
There is no reason why this cannot be done in Kenya.

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