Why on Earth an Earth Day?

Why on Earth an Earth Day?.
What have they ever done for me?” – Groucho Marx Groucho Marx was undoubtedly trying to be funny; hopefully he didn’t truly believe that.
But unfortunately, there are those who don’t seem to care.
Have you ever heard of a river on fire?
With underwater visibility less than 6 inches, there were no fish, no animal life.
However, 50 years earlier there was a massive oil spill off the coast.
In January of 1969 more than 3 million gallons of crude oil spewed from drilling-induced cracks in the ocean floor, coating hundreds of miles of ocean, killing untold numbers of marine life and fouling 30 miles of sandy beaches.
In 1969, rivers on fire, a massive oil spill, dirty air that made it hard to breathe.
The environmental awareness led to the inauguration of Earth Day in 1970.
Earth Day is now observed in 192 countries and is celebrated by more than a billion people every year, yet air and water pollution persists.

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