Widefield school district confident water contamination issues will be resolved by October

By Alexa Mae Asperin, originally posted on July 26, 2016


SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. — The water districts serving Widefield School District 3 say by October they will running off a safe water source.

Even though the PFCs found in the groundwater are considered dangerous by the EPA, public water systems are not required to take action.

School starts in a few weeks so many are wondering how the Widefield School District is preparing.

A district-wide email was sent to parents last week.

“The only schools that are affected are in Zone 1,” Widefield School District spokeswoman Samantha Briggs said. “Zone 1, as we understand, is currently using well water. We have been told that by the time school starts that the two easements that we have allowed them to put on our property will be complete, and that once that heavy usage season is over, they’ll be using surface water.”

The easements will allow for pipes to bring Zone 2 surface water into Zone 1.

Schools in Zone 1 include Pinello, North and Venetucci.

If parents are still worried, the district encourages them to send water to school with their children.

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