Will a water security bill resolve lack of access in India?

Will a water security bill resolve lack of access in India?.
The “Water Security Bill” aims to give the legal right to clean water to every citizen of India.
The non-profit Jan Jal Jodo Abhiyan (JJJA) released the bill in a press conference of July 25.
Singh believes that if accepted by the government, the bill will help to ensure groundwater availability, effective protection against river pollution and guarantee clean drinking water for the population.
“Equally vital and significant as the right to food, the required impetus is missing to accept and promote the right to water as a fundamental right.
But why do we need a water security bill?
The bill attempts to address issues related to water crisis, exploitation and shortage.
The JJJA began in 2013 with the objective to ensure all round water security and community rights along with the protection of ponds, lakes, and rivers through community participation in a water literacy campaign.
In the last four years, the civil society organisation has tried to bring awareness among people for water-related issues through community involvement and participation.
Over 200 national workshops, seminars and public gatherings have been organised so far to address the issue.

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