Wind leads in new power generation in Europe and other countries

Wind leads in new power generation in Europe and other countries.
With over 500GW installed worldwide, wind power has become the leading source of new power generation in Europe and in many countries around the world, said GWEC on the occasion of Global Wind Day.
Wind power has become a major driver for a sustainable energy future, GWEC said.
Wind power is already the least-cost option for new power capacity in rapidly increasing number of markets.
In 2016, unsubsidized new renewable power was cheaper than fossil fuels in over 30 countries, and by 2025 that will be the case in most countries around the world.
Wind and other renewables are already winning on the economics alone, but we need it happen faster if we are to have a reasonable chance of meeting the Paris climate targets”, said GWEC secretary general Steve Sawyer.
Wind is now a core mainstream part of electricity systems in advanced economies.
Wind has got to 10 percent of Europe’s electricity.
We need to contribute also to cleaner heating and transport,” Dickson added.

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