With salt and lead in their water, Jefferson County residents want answers and accountability

At the same time, the town of Orleans will begin running a new water line, mostly at local cost.
Ferrucci says she’ll have to pay $800 a year for her share of the new water line.
Research points to the salt barn, but state has its own study According to the state Department of Transportation, the current salt barn was built in the year 2000.
He says the new tourism center has become an ironic symbol of the state’s priorities.
The state has been paying to truck water to the Thousand Islands Winery, just down the road, since 2003.
More dangerous than salt – elevated lead levels The new water line to the affected homes is projected to cost about $13 million.
State grants will cover about $5 million of that, leaving town residents to repay $8 million from a no-interest loan by the state Environmental Facilities Corporation.
Assemblywoman Addie Jenne says she’s convinced the DOT’s salt barn is the cause of the contamination, and she believes the state paying for the water line is the right thing to do.
11 had elevated lead levels, including the Ferrucci’s.
Cuomo So, for now, Diane Ferrucci does inconvenient things in her house, like taping off the sink when guests come to stay, so they don’t drink the water.

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