World Water Day: Cameroonians still lack access to safe water

Cameroonians joined the world over to observe World Water Day, March 22 but by far not every city in the country enjoys easy access to the commodity.
In Cameroon, residents of major cities suffer frequent water cuts, with schools impacted in particular.
Some residents, in Yaounde, capital city of Cameroon Yaounde say barely 35 percent of water supplied.
Many have resorted to unsafe sources to get the precious liquid.
A statement by a UNICEF official, in commemoration of the International World Water Day, said access to safe drinking water remained a challenge, noting that the recent studies, conducted by the government, indicated that about 40 percent of households and millions in rural areas walked long distances to source unsafe water from lakes, streams and river.
The statement said: “Children without access to safe water are more likely to die in infancy and throughout childhood from waterborne diseases.
Diarrhea remains the leading cause of death among children under five years of age in Far North Cameroon.” Little wonder why malnutrition reigns supreme in the country’s Northern regions.
With longer dry season and little rainfall, residents in the area more than often resort to nearby ponds and streams to get the precious liquid.

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