Worrying signs: Only 11% water in Totladoh reservoir

Totladoh reservoir, which is a major source of water supply to the city, is only 11% full even after two months of rainy season.
Last year the dam was 70% full in July end.
A Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) official said that the storage capacity of Totladoh was 1,017 million cubic metres (mm3).
"On the morning of July 31, the dam had only 113 mm3 water, which is worrying.
The rainfall in the district has also been far lower than the average," he added.
The average storage of last five years is 561 mm3.
In 2013, the dam had 934 mm3.
The average of last five years is 1,658 mm3.
The storage in 40 medium-sized reservoirs in the division is also a cause for worry.
The average figure for July end is just 21%.

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