Yavuna Village Celebrates New Water Source

Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Mineral Resources, and Lands, Faiyaz Koya opens the Yavuna village borehole in Nadi while Goverment MP, Samuela Vunivalu looks on, on January 12, 2018.
Photo: Arieta Vakasukawaqa For decades, villagers of Yavuna in the Nausori highlands have been fetching water from a nearby river for their daily use.
This came to an end after the Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Faiyaz Koya, on Friday commissioned a new borehole, which cost more than $67,000.
The new borehole would benefit 42 households with a village population of 235 people.
Among celebrants was Adi Kalaveni Natua, 51, who said witnessing the commissioning of their new borehole was a blessing.
“For thirty years since I got married into this village, we have using the river to wash our clothes and even at times for drinking,” she said.
Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources, Faiyaz Koya and Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Malakai Finau after the opening of Yavuna village borehole in Nadi on 12 January 2017.
Photo: Arieta Vakasukawaqa “I am blessed because now that I have grandchildren I am still here to witness this, we have waited for a long time for this.” The woman from Kubulau in Bua was married to the village turaga ni mataqali (clan head); they have seven children and three grandchildren.
“Every morning all women have to wake up and go down to the river to wash clothes, clean our utensils and bathe before people start using the river.” Mr Koya reminded villagers that it was Government’s priority that Fijians had access to clean drinking water.
“The people of Yavuna will now be able to enjoy a better life as water plays a crucial role in their daily lives from drinking, bathing, washing and cleaning,” he said.

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