‘Zero chance’ of water contamination, says boss of frack site energy firm

‘Zero chance’ of water contamination, says boss of frack site energy firm.
An energy firm preparing to restart fracking for shale gas in the UK later this year says its door is open to anyone with genuine concerns about its operations at the "most heavily monitored piece of real estate in the UK".
But Third Energy, the UK firm that last year secured permission to use an existing gas well near the North Yorkshire village of Kirby Misperton to run test fracks almost two miles underground, said of demonstrators: "We respect their right to protest but they should respect our right to operate."
The Kirby Misperton application was the first to be approved in the UK since 2011, when the industry was effectively halted after minor earth tremors in Lancashire were attributed to test fracking.
The well head itself is an understated focus for a nationwide controversy, a small, red valve mechanism looking not much bigger than a washing machine.
Asked what his message was to protesters, some of whom have set up an anti-fracking camp nearby, Mr Dewar said: " My message to them is that, if they’re genuinely concerned, then come and see us, talk to us.
"If they’re coming just to cause disruption, my message to them is that we will still go ahead.
"The hydraulic fracturing operation will take less time, be less disruptive."
One of the continuing concerns about fracking Mr Dewar is most keen to counter is the claim it could contaminate the water supply.
Third Energy’s plan for KM8 was approved last year by North Yorkshire County Council.

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