7.5 billion thirsty people and hunger for meat puts pressure on water supply

But what would happen if we turned on the tap and nothing came out?
Water is fundamental* to life, which makes warnings about water scarcity* and a possible global water crisis so concerning for world leaders.
He told the UN Security Council that water scarcity was already causing tensions between some nations.
Cities across the world are becoming increasingly thirsty as the demand for water grows and supply dwindles*.
This means, less than one per cent of the planet’s water is actually available to the world’s 7.5 billion people.
But Professor Young, who specialises in water issues, was “extremely optimistic” that a catastrophe can be avoided.
Australia has more than 400 big dams and the largest, the Gordon Dam in Tasmania can hold 12,450,000 megalitres of water.
Write down all of the times and reasons you use water throughout the day.
Information poster A leaked Nestle report expressed concern about the growth in meat consumption leading to a potential shortage of water.
Write a short narrative about waking up one morning and discovering there was a global water shortage.

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