Water shortage: The next crisis

Water is life – a commodity which is difficult for man to survive without.
The issue of water is number six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
There is a crisis brewing and most of the world’s leaders are putting this issue on the backburner.
With all the pollution that exists in our world today, in addition to the floods happening worldwide, millions living in the river basins, people carrying out building and infrastructural expansions across the board, we are looking at a water crisis in the eyes.
In the very near future, it is the countries who have water that will have power.
Water is mentioned in the Bible more than any other material/resources (Genesis 21: 14-15).
Further, the scriptures in 2 Kings 2: 19, shows us that a city can be in a good place but without water, the land will be unproductive.
Drought and famine would cause the people of God to come unto Him.
Instead, they should begin to put a team in place who are critical thinkers to identify springs, dormant wells, a good water table, and put plans in place for safeguarding and developing such areas, with a view to sustain the nation and exporting this invaluable resource.
There also needs to be a flat-rate meter system in place for the poor.

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