A Boil Water Advisory Is In Effect For Several Kalamazoo Neighborhoods

by Heather McGregor, originally posted on December 7, 2016


A water main break on Rockford Drive as caused Kalamazoo to issue a boil water advisory.

The boil water advisory is expected to be lifted in the next three days. The water has to be tested and show that it is free of bacteria, only then will the advisory be lifted.

I took a moment to look up what someone needs to do to remain safe when there is a boil advisory. According to healthunit.com had some helpful information.

What To Do During A Boil Water Advisory…

  1. You can drink tap water if it has been boiled for one minute.
  2. Once you boil the water, cool it and store it in a covered container.
  3. You should boil your pets water.
  4. A coffee maker will not heat up enough to kill the bacteria that is in the water. You need to use boiled water.
  5. An activated charcoal filter system will not treat the water for contamination.
  6. Sterilize all children’s bottles, utensils and nipples in boiling water for two minutes.
  7. If your dish washer has a hot/sani-cycle your dishes will be safe to use.
  8. You can shower in the water, just don’t drink it.

Just remember, the safest bet is to boil your water, or buy bottled water.

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