Murky Water: Sask. settlement under water advisory for nearly 18 years

There are people who are almost 18 years old who have never lived in a world where Uranium City hasn’t been under a precautionary drinking water advisory.
The Saskatchewan northern settlement, Uranium City, is the community with the longest-running precautionary drinking water advisory in the province.
The advisory started in late 2001.
Classen said the situation is frustrating.
Classen said the province promised money at the time to help towns get up to code.
According to the provincial government, Uranium City received about $695,000 for drinking water projects between 2002 and 2009.
However, the community is still under the advisory, along with a more recent boil-water order.
“We’re the same as all other communities in the province,” the mayor said.
“There is financial restrictions on most communities and it’s a priority where the funding goes.” The federal and provincial governments have run grant programs, and Classen said the northern settlement has applied, but the $2 million needed is more than those grants will give.
“You can dream,” he said.

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